Sunday, 13 January 2013

113 in 2013

last year I followed Jane as she took photographs for the 112 in 2012 challenge and really enjoyed seeing her interpretation of the different themes, so when I saw that it was on again I thought that it might be fun to join in...

I haven't done a challenge for a while, my 365 project didn't get finished of course. a photo a day for a year is a biggie! far too ambitious for busy people I think..!

#24 lens flare

anyway you can check out the challenge here on flickr if you've a mind but basically there are 113 different themes with one photograph per theme.

#26 railway or train tracks

the interpretation of the word is open..

#34 rust or rusty

that makes for some interesting shots...

#48 around the corner

from lots of different....

#57 three or more of the same thing

and very talented people I can tell you..

 #97 something beginning with B

I'm enjoying it so far and I'm pleased with the number of shots that I've been able to include already..

#62 jump

we'll see if I can keep up the momentum won't we?


  1. Great shots. I have also joined but no photos so far. Have a problem with fav lens so not a lot of photo taking at the moment.

  2. I love the pictures you took! This looks like such fun -- great that the themes are so open to interpretation! I'll enjoy watching your progress.

  3. great photos!

    challenges are certainly challenging at times...I did photo a day for a few months...sometimes it was difficult to get 5 minutes to upload the photos I had taken, and sometimes inspiration was missing

  4. You are a GREAT photographer Lizzie!!!!!

  5. Your pics are wonderful, there is not much I love more than rusty old stuff except those fresh young faces maybe!

  6. Well done you for jumping in with both feet and getting your 113 project started...I haven't!! :o) I look forward to seeing your interpretations of the themes :o)

  7. Lizzie, just beautiful! My DH used to take tons of photos of railroad yards up in Eugene, OR. Yours brought back thoughts of them....they're all tucked away while the bridges are up on the wall.

  8. Really great photos. Thanks for showing them.

  9. You have sent me all over the 113 in 2013 blogs. Your photos are very inspiring Liz, thanks for sharing.Are you coming in to the AQC in April? Would love to catch up with you again if you are - Hugs Nat

  10. Lizzie .That photography is amazing you do it so well. I can't work out my Samsung digital haha.
    I really enjoy your photos.

  11. Love your Photos Lizzie, I am tempted to join myself lol!! Looking forward to the others.


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